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F.lli. Piccolo, an ancient vocation for agriculture

Our land..

Among the force of olive groves, in the land of Bari, in the hills of Castel del Monte, The Farm is dedicated little brothers with meticulous dedication to the care of the olive groves of their farm.

Our Oil...

Obtained exclusively from olives of our estates, the 'EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL' f.lli Small 'is the result of passion for work in the fields and the natural predilection of our olivificatori.


Why choose us?

Because the Azienda agricola fratelli Piccolo directly produces olives growing them with care and dedication throughout the year, until the milling, where they are pressed within and no later than 24 hours after collection, and this gives our oil a strong flavor and pleasant, with nuances of fruity and slightly bitter and spicy notes.
Our olive trees are all quality CORATINA, the oil coming from the milling of these olives is rich in polyphenols, with low values ​​of peroxides and low acidity (<0.2%).

The farm Little brothers are able to ensure complete TRACKING 'of its oi


The oil tasty, genuine and that's good.
PDO land of Bari: the product quality and the environmental context.

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