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F.lli. Piccolo, an ancient vocation for agriculture


Our tradition ..

DOP, or Protected Designation of Origin, is 'a mark of quality' that the 'European Union released only to those oils obtained from olives grown in a specific territory, which gives unique to' oil itself. This' means that 'a particular geographical environment to make a special oil, to create its identity'. Only that 'environment and no one else.

Olio But what 's meant by geographical environment?

Is the result of' encounter between natural factors such as climate, and human factors, or the traditions, techniques of cultivation, collection systems and packaging of olives, all the mechanical and physical processes that must take place in the 'area source of 'oil, if you want to get the DOP certification.

For this reason, all growers must comply with a set of precise rules, laid down in the product specification, a code that the manufacturer certifies, subject to strict controls, and protects the consumer, which can 'so' to distinguish more 'easy oil DOP rest of the oils on the shelves.

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