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F.lli. Piccolo, an ancient vocation for agriculture

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Our tradition ..

The azienda agricola F.lli Piccolo is a story of the men who made of the' love of the land a real art. Story that continues today thanks to the inexhaustible energies and passions. It 's been more than half a century since Riccardo Piccolo starts to Andria, still a boy, his first apprenticeship in the field: and' 1955, only seven years older than 'later the young Riccardo manages to start his own business by opening the now famous SS Agricola F.lli Piccolo.

In a short time Mr.Piccolo attests to his farm as a benchmark citizen of the oil processing, standing for quality ', traditions, and attention to their products.

The 60 'and 70' are a time of big changes even from the technical point of view, but the S.S.Agricola F.lli Piccolo always wins with courage the challenge with the modernity 'and evolves what was a simple technique of working in a new form of handicraft company.

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