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F.lli. Piccolo, an ancient vocation for agriculture


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Currently in our country have received recognition from the European Union no. 24 Protected Designation of Origin and n. 1 Protected Geographical Indication. As part of the DOP "Terra di Bari" were set up three sub-areas: "Castel del Monte", "Bitonto", "Land of the Trulli and Grotte." The administrative territory of the municipalities of Minervino Murgia, Canosa, Barletta, Andria, Corato, Trani, Bisceglie, Altamura, Poggiorsini, Spinazzola and Gravina is the area of production of the olives for the production of extra virgin olive oil DOP "Terra di Bari" accompanied by the additional geographical "Castel del Monte".

Olio According to the product specification of the DOP "Terra di Bari", attached to the 09/04/98 Decree of the Ministry of Agriculture OJ. 227 of 29.09.98, the DOP "Terra di Bari", accompanied by the additional geographical "Castel del Monte" is reserved for extra virgin olive oil obtained from the variety' olive groves Coratina present in an amount no less 80%. They can also ', compete other varieties' present, which, alone or in combination in the groves no more than 20%. The environmental conditions and cultivation, the planting density, types of cultivation and pruning systems must be those traditionally used to not change the characteristics of olives and oils, so they are suitable from this point of view the olive trees cultivated in the form specialized, with breeding truncated conical vase with sixths between 13 x 13 for the crops most 'ancient and 7 x 7 for the most' recent, whose lands are characterized in a more diffuse red floor resting on limestone. The maximum production of olives can not 'exceed kg. 10,000 per hectare, the maximum yield of the olive oil in can not 'exceed 22%. Even in exceptionally favorable yield must 'be restored to the limits predicted by careful selection purche' total production does not exceed by more than 20% of the maximum limits indicated above. The olive harvest must be done directly from the plant by hand or by mechanical means. For the extraction of oil are allowed only the physical and mechanical processes to ensure the achievement of oils without altering the qualitative characteristics of the fruit. The operations of oil production must occur within two days after the olive harvest. When released for consumption in the extra virgin olive oil registered designation of origin "Terra di Bari", accompanied by the geographical "Castel del Monte", it must meet the following characteristics: color: green with yellow highlights; odor : fruity intense flavor: fruity with a medium bitter and spicy, acidic 'maximum total expressed as oleic acid, by weight, not exceeding 0.5 grams per 100 grams of oil.

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